Music Encounter
  Music Encounter is an innovative course of professional-style instruction for older children and adults where tradition and technology meet inharmony. With emphasis on “hands-on” learning supported by the professional musical instruments.
  Here are a few of the thingsyou will learn:
  Music pieces you’ve always dreamed of playing! Music in all styles, including pop, classical,country, blues and jazz.
Fingering – Special exercises that develop finger dexterity.
  Music reading, notation and Theory.
  How to plan and evaluate.
  • Music Encounter students are grouped according to age, musical background and goals.
  • This flexible course can be entered at any level,depending on previous musical experience.
  • Your teacher has been trained by Vibration Academy of Music to work with students of various ages and playing abilities and help you decide which level to join.
  Detail :
Age Of Student : 13 years & Above
Duration of course : 2 years
Class Schedule : 1 hour / lesson, 4 days a week