Music Wonderland
Every wondered how to expand your child's imagination and creativity? Children are curious about many things.They expand their imagination and creativity by putting together what they have learned.One of the ways is through music. By introducing music at an early age, they are exposed to different musical expressions and nuance.This will enable them to expand their imagination and move in rhythm.
What is Music Wonderland ?

The rich music and interesting curriculum designed for the course creates a conducive music learning fun and enjoyable.The course combines the dynamism of music with physical and mental activities which stimulates their musical senses and help prepare them for the varieties of music education ahead.
  How does Music Wonderland Benefit Your Child?
Arouse your child's interest in music,
Develop your child's creativity,
Enhance music appreciation in your child,
Encourages communication with others.
  Detail :
Age Group : 2 to 4 years
Duration of course : 6 months
Class Schedule : 1 hour / lesson, 3 days a week
  Course Content :
Lyrics singing
Fun with listening           
Fun with Keyboards                         
Rhythm steps
Music appreciation