Ritesh S Upadhyay
(Founder / CEO)

Saurin S Upadhyay

In 1998, vibration Music became the first school in Ahmedabad dedicated to educating children to enjoy and appreciate music. Over the years we have become a very unique school - one that offers a full range of services to meet the musical needs of children.

At "Vibration Music" we provide a safe, welcoming, and exciting musical environment for students. As our mission states, we encourage every child to love and appreciate music.

It is our belief that teachers and curriculum should be adaptable to meet diverse learning styles and should motivate each student to be success.

Our caring and dedicated teachers accomplish this through constant communication with parents, inspiring students to do their best, and demonstrating that learning music is fun and enjoyable. Vibration music is the best choice for child's musical needs and success.